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By: Lauren Pinney

Lucas Cruikshank is just your average high school guy, who lives in Nebraska and has to deal with all of the normal things that every other teenager does like homework, friends, parents, and oh yah did we mention a nationally popular YouTube series, a soon to be released Christmas album, a movie based on his ever so comical character Fred, and a People’s Choice Nomination.  Lucas has “always been creating characters like Fred,” he spilled during our interview.  Growing up he always used his family and close friends to create different kinds of characters, which one day turned into a regularly viewed series YouTube and has been racking up viewings ever since.

Lucas’ portrays the title character Fred, who is just an seven year old squeaky little boy who talks about random topics that comes to his mind.  “I started to film the videos and then I was looking at my editing system and trying out a bunch of different effects,” he described of the creation of Fred.  “I thought it was so cool, the whole video editing, and the set up voice kind of came along with it.”  Lucas admits that most of the videos he creates are not scripted. “Sometimes I know what I’m going to say - like in certain parts and jokes I am using - but most of it is just improve,” he explained.  This just goes to show how naturally comical he is.  Lucas has a natural knack for making things quirky and funny, which validates why so many people have resorted to watching his YouTube videos for a good laugh.   

As if his success through YouTube wasn’t enough to rocket this small town Nebraska boy into superstar status, Lucas has recently been hard at work on some even bigger things and is taking Fred to a new level of stardom with him. Having recently released a brand new album under Fred called “It’s A Hackin’ Christmas with Fred” which includes songs Christmas is Creepy, The Twelve Days of Christmas, and Christmas Cash. Singing has always been a dream of Fred’s so this new album is sure to be a high pitched masterpiece!

Christmas is Creepy and Christmas Cash have also been made into music videos which have become one of the most popular new Christmas videos viewed on YouTube!  “It was a really different experience from the actual (YouTube) videos!  There was a whole crew and it was all scripted and everything,” he told us of his experience filming Christmas Cash.  “It was really fun.  I flew out to L.A. at like 4:00 in the morning.”  Most of the video was shot using a popular part of entertainment technology known as the green screen, which had Santa in a sleigh, many props and fun colorful backgrounds, which required Lucas to be very creative with his surroundings.  “They told me what would be behind me so I knew to act like what was behind me.”  

Lucas also shared some behind-the-scenes details while shooting his music video for Christmas is Creepy.  “Today I was actually in the harness thing acting like I was levitating,” he spilled.  Look for some fun to be shared by all when Lucas releases Christmas is Creepy sometime this month.

In addition to the brand new Christmas album you will be seeing a whole lot more of Fred in 2010!  Lucas is currently filming on a film adaptation of Fred which will be released sometime early next year!  “It’s bringing Fred on a whole other level.  I think the fans will love it,” he assured HTZ.  “I think practically every single character I mention like Bertha, Kevin, the mom and the dad will be inside the movie.  You will get to see the whole real version of Bertha and Kevin, and Judy. And we’re also adding new characters.  So there will be new stuff too!”  The movie is going to bring tons of laughter and, as we understand, an amazing cast that is being kept hush for now.  “They’ve cast some really cool people for all the characters and some people that my fans will know because they’ve already been in other stuff.  I can’t give any information about that yet, but I think the fans will love how casting went.”

While Lucas is still hard at working making the Fred movie and giving Fred his vocal debut on CD, he is still trying to do his best at bringing new YouTube videos to please all the fans.  In one of his most recent episodes, “The Creepy Doll” was inspired by merchandise he received from his licensing agent.  “They always send me new samples for Fred products and they sent one and I was like ‘Oh my God, I have to put this into a video’ because I thought it would be just so funny.  Fred sings like a voodoo doll.  I thought it was funny how it came to life and everything.”

On top of it all Lucas was recently cast in new movie called “Emo Boy”, which is based on the classic cartoon books.  “I don’t read too many comic books, but when my agent told me about Emo Boy, I read the comics and I read the script and thought it was just so funny, like in a weird way.  It’s not like normal comedy, kind of like a darker comedy,” he confessed.   He can also be seen in an upcoming episode of Hannah Montana which is scheduled to air on the Disney Channel on December 6th.

Lucas has spent so much time playing Fred, trying to meet the raging demand that his YouTube fans have called for, that it’s amazing he hasn’t started calling himself Fred.  In fact, if you look up Lucas on Wikipedia they have the page transferred to his character name “Fred Figglehorn.”  It seems that Fred is quite the star while Lucas does all the hard work, but Lucas is surely enjoying the benefits of his hard work.  “I’m just thankful for all of the success of Fred.  It just started out as something so little and turned into something so big, it’s crazy how it happened,” Lucas explained.

Now that Fred has received his first taste of the lime light we doubt he is going anywhere soon.  Keep looking for more of Lucas’s hilarious creations on YouTube and keep an eye out for the upcoming films that are sure to be a, as Fred would say, hackin’ hit!  Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Fred’s new Christmas album now through Amazon.com and support Hollywood Teen'Zine!  You can also purchase a copy through: www.fredchristmas.com!


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Comment by james on 2010-05-08 20:12:53
fred you are epic

Comment by jfjsdklf on 2010-01-27 13:22:32
hey fred whats up my name is kala .

Comment by Anonymous on 2010-06-26 08:00:08
Fred youre coolest ive seen ever!

Comment by on 2010-07-17 21:37:02
You amazing ))) Love you..... bye

Comment by jaquasha on 2011-11-06 07:05:45
i lke you hollween and judy

Comment by superdaultongalaxy on 2011-01-18 16:34:33
I like fred the movie and the fred goes shopping video on youtube.

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Comment by Anonymous on 2011-01-13 11:53:39
u are funny fred...

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