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Elliott Yamin Reaches International Stardom!
By: Lauren Pinney


Elliott Yamin was born destined to become an American Idol superstar, but to the world it seemed as though that dream shattered when he placed 3rd in the fifth season of American Idol.  However, that was nowhere near the case! Since he left American Idol, there has been little that has held him back!  He has been fast at work over the past several years and believe it or not has bottle rocketed his career from the American Idol stage into a worldwide music phenomenon.

Yamin has been keeping busy since American Idol.  He has toured all over the world, performing in different venues.   He shared with us his favorite place so far, Tokyo, saying “I have been there five times over the last year and a half.  I love the culture there in Japan.  I love how it’s almost like New York on acid.  The fans are so loyal there too!  It’s just a great place to be and it’s a great market for my music.”  Yamin has done well not only in the U.S but also in places like Tokyo, where his albums went gold.  He has definitely had some great experiences to share his music.  “I just never thought that I would be able to travel the world and let music be the vehicle, “he exclaimed.  Elliot is currently working on another album, “A Fight For Love”.  Elliott tells us that the sound will have a more current vibe.  “I just wanted to try my hand at making something that was a little poppier and I wanted to include some songs that lean more towards Pop R&B.  Elliott is really spicing up his new album not only creating fresh new rhythms’ and rhymes but also pairing up with many of today’s hottest writers and producers!  “Working with these guys that have so many hits under their belt has kind of brought out the best in me.  It was a very hands-on experience and I gained a lot of knowledge from this process.  It was awesome,” he recalls of the recent album making adventure.  Elliott’s new album is a pleasant change from his past two and is a combination of both his genius voice and the talents of some of the best in the business.

The album playlist was a very selective process for Elliott.  He had about 35 songs that he recorded for the current album that he was able to choose from to create the final playlist.  “We just had more to choose from ant that was the whole point.  I wanted to work with as many people, in the allotted time that I had.  I don’t believe that one producer should produce one album, especially for and artist likes myself.  The more people I branch out with and learn with, the more of a chance I have of getting that chemistry with certain people and that was certainly the case.”   Elliott has been using this album as a learning tool and his work to make the album as great as it can be has definitely paid off.  “When it came time to selecting the songs and sequences of the album, it was a lot easier this go-round and we weren’t crunched for time either,” he added.   This album is a great mix of songs and has been a learning process for Elliott himself and is sure to be a rewarding product for his fans!   Because of all of the great new song Elliott has created for the use of this album, the extra songs that couldn’t be squeezed on are bonus songs.  “We have exclusive deals with Target and Wal-Mart, the album at Target has two different bonus tracks.”  And the other songs are sure to be used for other things.  Elliott has truly created a plethora of new music to release and a variety of music no doubt.  


His latest single, “Can’t Keep Loving You,” is just a taste of what he has been working on.  The song has been climbing the charts and is sure to do well!  The song Elliott describes is about, “not hiding your heart from someone and being up front about how you feel.”   Elliott loves the song and thinks that it is a song people will listen to and believe.  “It’s beautiful and I think it’s great,” he proudly exclaimed.

Elliott may be a go getter when it comes to his career but he also has taken the time out of making music to give back to his community.  He has dedicated a lot of his time to diabetes charities and most recently to the Life Changing Lives foundation.  “Diabetes is obviously a personal cause; I’ve been dedicated to it since I’ve had this platform on American Idol. I just try to raise awareness about it and be an example and just try to encourage people who are like myself, type 1 diabetic.  In particular, to take care of yourself and keep dreaming,” he told us.  Elliott has also volunteered his time working with other charities and fund raisers like for Cystic Fibrosis and a variety of cancer events.  Elliott encourages others to become involved in their local communities and believes that parents are a key factor in passing this to the next generation.  “To encourage the parents to get their kids involved in charity work and help people who are less fortunate, and learn to help others at an early age,” Elliott explained.


Elliott has put a lot into his career since he left the glow of the stage on the American Idol set.  But he has created his own glow and stage to shine on.  His music is always increasingly better.  He has worked hard for not only his music but also in giving back to all those who supported him.  Check for Elliott Yamin, on his promo and his new album.

Get to know Elliott Yamin 

What is the first concert that you ever attended as a fan?  It was actually Boyz II Men.  I’ll never forget it was Boyz II Men at the State Fair in Richmond, Virginia, my home town.  

What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?  I’d probably have to say it was Dave Matthews in Charlottesville.

Favorite Actress:  Angelina Jolie
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