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(By: Lauren Pinney)


What started out as a passion has quickly become the flame to singer/songwriter Savannah Outen’s musical journey.   Savannah began singing at the age of two, but it wasn’t until the launch of her YouTube account that she was given the opportunity to bring reality to the dreams she had when music was just a hobby!   Savannah created her YouTube account two years ago and began teaching herself how to play her favorite songs from the radio on the guitar.   Her music genius shines through as Savannah admits that her YouTube covers have all be taught by ear, meaning no sheet music or tabs are present when she learns to play the songs she posts.  “I always do it by ear,” she recently told us.  “I don’t know how to read music at all.” 

After teaching herself the songs on the guitar and posting them a few hours later, it took Savannah by surprise that her music was attracting a quick following and two years later her YouTube account now sits with over 100,000 subscribers from all over the world.  “I have friends in Switzerland and Australia so it’s very cool,” she gushed.  “I’ve been pretty lucky having all my fans kind of recognize me as Savannah7448.  And I’m just so lucky and excited to have fans from YouTube follow me throughout my whole journey.” 

Even though the internet is where Savannah was discovered, she took sight of the opportunities that lay ahead and ran with them.  Savannah began to write and record music of her own and it wasn’t long before Radio Disney caught wind of this rising superstar and started playing her music.  “Goodbyes was the first song on Radio Disney, so hearing that was just such an amazing feeling,” Savannah explained taking us back to the first time she heard one of her song s on the radio. “I was with my best friend, and we were in the car and it was just so surreal!”

Savannah Outen interviewed by Hollywood Teen'Zine

Savannah’s newfound celebrity has helped to introduce her to many new friends already established in the business.   She recently performed a duet cover song of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” with Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing contender Josh Golden.   Savannah met Josh through a mutual friend of theirs, Suite Life on Deck star Debby Ryan.  Shortly after their introduction they decided to collaborate a cover duet to post on YouTube.  “We decided to do Love Story because so many of my fans have asked me to sing Love Story.”  

A lot of Savannah’s musical inspiration derives from artists like Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion, and admits to being a fan of Ashley Tisdale’s new album “Guilty Pleasure”.  Those influences have helped Savannah mold together some new material.  She is currently working on her debut album in the recording studio.   The style of her new album is more pop-rock, but she did admit to trying out a new style for a song called Shop.  “I’ve been dancing since I was two years old so I just wanted to try and see what it would be like. I’m not going to go in that direction or anything, but I just wanted to try it for fun,” she confessed.  You can expect to see a lot more acoustic songs on her album.  “I’m doing some acoustic music that’s kind of in the Jack Johnson direction. I want to try a bunch of different genres because I just love all kinds of different music styles.”

 Savannah Outen interviewed by Hollywood Teen'Zine

With all of the dreams and hard work that Savannah has already put into her career, the opportunities just seem to be getting bigger and bigger.    She filmed her first music video shoot for her current single If You Only Knew, under the direction of Mason Dixon.    The experience was a dream come true for Savannah, admitting her admiration for Mason’s work and excitement about the ideas he had for the video.  “He came up with the whole idea about incorporating YouTube with it since that’s where I started, and YouTube is the reason I am where I am today.”  Although the video was hard work and took lots of energy during the four day shooting process, Savannah admits to having plenty of fun and games in between filming.  “We were filming it at my manager’s house and there was an empty house across the street;  me, Alissa, Tony and Toffer went to the house and it was totally empty.  We were looking through all the rooms, it was just so much fun.  We took a whole bunch of home videos and stuff that I’m going to post on my YouTube!”

Savannah has put in a lot of hours working with her music, but she has also taken the time to do her part in the community.  Savannah plays an active role in the Cure JM Charity; playing at several charity concerts in her hometown.  “I think that it’s just great to be involved and surround yourself with good people and just help out whatever you can do, it’s awesome.”  Savannah also participates in a project called DoVolition.com, which helps raise awareness for animal cruelty.  “It’s this virtual world website and you can create your own little avatars and adjust them.  It’s a really great way to help raise awareness in a lighter way.  I’m really happy to be a part of it.  I love animals so much so it’s very important to me,” she told us. 

Other than her music career and her active involvement giving back to her community, Savannah is just you average teenage girl who loves clothes and fashion, and who has enjoyed as much of her summer as possible.  Savannah considers her style more laid back and confesses that her favorite article of clothing is just simply a plaid shirt.  She also obsesses over large purses and big jewelry.  “I love Urban Outfitters, and I am really getting into Free People, and I like Primp a lot.  I like wearing stuff that no one else does,” Savannah says of her fashion style. 

Savannah Outen interviewed by Hollywood Teen'Zine

Savannah is fast at work creating more music for the world to hear.   Look for Savannah to release her debut album later this year. “That has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.  I love having the hard copy album and looking through the pictures and thank-you’s and everything,” she gleamed with excitement.

Be sure to stop by Savannah’s official Myspace and YouTube accounts to get the latest news and information!

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