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Josh Golden interviews with Hollywood Teen'Zine (www.hollywoodteenzine.com).

(By: Bessie Sorge)


Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, fourteen year old Josh Golden was born into a musical family.  Growing up he witnessed his older brother playing classical guitar with their father, listened to his mother’s stories of touring the country in her jazz band and heard both of his sisters practice singing.   The immediate question that came to mind was why this musical family did not try to establish a modern day Partridge Family band.   “There was some thought about that, but I kind of wanted to do my own thing,” Josh told us during our interview at a hotel in Burbank, California.  “We are all kind of different.  My sister (Liz) is kind of more folky, not country, but almost country.  John is more rap now.  Anna is just like the wild card; she doesn’t know what she wants to do yet.”  Although their musical tastes may differ, each sibling fully supports each others endeavors into the music business.


Josh career as a musician commenced a mere four years ago when he picked up the guitar for the first time and began taking guitar lessons from his older brother, John.  “My brother kind of showed me the ropes of playing guitar.  He taught me the string names and that kind of stuff,” he explained.  While majority of his influences stem from punk rock bands like the All-American Rejects and Boys Like Girls, along with a hint of John Mayer, Josh isn’t afraid to admit that he is also influenced by popular female acts like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Paramore.   On his self-titled debut album released this week, fans can catch a glimpse at the musical blend that these artists helped Josh establish, everything from the lyrics to each strum of the guitar.  But don’t expect him to be driving by his ex-girlfriends houses like Taylor Swift.


With a perfect mix of uptempo rock tunes with some scattered ballads, this twelve track album will leave listeners wanting more!  What's hard to believe is that the abundance of talent radiating from this album comes from fourteen year old.  Josh’s aptitude shines exceedingly on tracks such as  “Small Town, Big City,” “I Fall Down” and his newly added Myspace song “Pretty Little Face.”   


Currently Josh can be found rehearsing with his band and is planning on touring the country real soon.   “I’m working with an amazing band back in Missouri, really talented guys that are all majoring in music and we’re working on their looks right now.  We are going to get them in some tight jeans, cut their hair, just try to get them to rock a little bit, but they are great musicians,” he jokes about his new band members. 


Check out the following excerpts from our interview below. 

Let’s talk a little bit about recording the album. What was that process like for you?


It was probably the best thing I’ve ever done.  I had so much fun doing it.  It went by really quickly because the producer I worked with; he played all the instruments and he was just so talented.  It went by in like about two weeks, or maybe over three weeks a little bit.  We were in there every day, and it’s just so fun just being in there.  The people I worked with are so nice and so funny.  It was just a great experience.


The song selection for the album has to be hard, especially since you write your own music. What do you look for in a song to be like, hey, that’s it, that’s what I want on my album? I’m sure you have so many songs to choose from.


I think melody is the first thing that really grabs people. So, when it has a killer melody, that just gets me excited.  How we decided to put which songs on the album was really more the first generation.  I’ve been writing a lot of newer stuff. I almost have the second album done, and I’m ready to do that even though the first one hasn’t come out yet.


Do you have a favorite song on the album?


I guess I kind of go through phases, but one I can’t stop listening to is called “Pretty Little Face” and it’s a really fun song about how you see someone and you can’t get their face out of your mind. It’s kind of keeps you up and you want to just see them again.


What was the easiest part of recording and the hardest part?


I’d say the easiest part was just sitting there while Jessie played the drums, really, just kind of telling him what to do, what I wanted.  But, the hardest part was in the studio singing over and over and over and over; I would trip on words or something would happen, but they were so nice about it.  That was also one of the funnest parts because I would joke and just start singing completely different lyrics or something on accident, or on purpose, just making jokes.


There are so many things that involved with the recording process, you write the music, you choose the songs, you record it, do all the instruments; what is your favorite part about the whole entire process?


My favorite part is probably when I finish writing a song alone, just in my bedroom.  It’s the best feeling to know you just finished a song and you want to show your friends.  I go and show my family right away and I’m so ready to record it.  That’s the second best feeling is to hear it done, all produced, have it on a CD to give to your friends.  I am always just showing my friends more music.  Every time I finish something, I’ll call one up or next time they come over, I’ll be putting on a little concert for them.


What is the influence behind the music you write?


Some of it happens to me and I will write about a situation, or I’ll take it to the next level.  There’s a song on the album called “This Can’t Be Happening” and something happened to my good friend who just got really hurt by this girl, so I wrote the song called “This Can’t Be Happening” kind of putting myself in his shoes.  Then there will be times where I’ll just write about random things that people go through all the time.


What direction did you want that album to go in when you put it together? What do you want the fans to take away from it?


I just want them to have a good time.  I never thought it would affect people in the way it does.  I’m getting people saying on MySpace, “this song really helped me, my boyfriend just broke up with me and I sing ‘Please Don’t Go’ to him, and we got back together.” I’m like wow, that’s awesome.  I just was writing these songs about stuff that happened to me and it really means a lot to other people. And it’s just like the coolest thing.


Usually when you go into the recording studio, you have a house band that they usually use; are you excited about bringing in your own band to do some live music?


Yes, I’m so excited. We basically just gave them the CD, they match the stuff, they changed it up a little bit and made it their way so it’s a little different live.   I like it, it’s just as good if not better.  I don’t want to do the same old thing.  That’s what I think is so great about a live show, it’s so different, you get to see it live.  I don’t want it to sound just like the album.  They matched the parts; they did exactly what we needed.


Besides doing music, what do you like to do in your spare time?


I like to hang out with friends, go to the mall.  That’s all there is to do in Missouri, really, is to go to the mall or the park.  I actually play tennis sometimes with my friend, Andrew.  I’m not good.  We are not good.  We call ourselves pro, but we’re not good.  I also used to play soccer a lot and paint ball and snowboard. I love snowboarding when it’s winter.  We have a place called Hidden Valley in Missouri and just make our own snow.  It’s cold.  It’s really fun to snowboard.


What are some of your favorite bands?


I’m not like a big rap fan, but at parties just to dance to it is really fun.  I like more of the punk.  I am really big in the punk scene.  I really love Mayday Parade and All Time Low.  I got hooked on this new band, but I forgot their name.  They just had a really good song.  Like Boom Boom Pow, those kinds of songs.  I’m not like straight hard core rap if I ever listen to it, but I like the R&B kind of stuff. I used to be a metals fan, I’m not anymore.  It’s just too much, stresses you out.


If you could pick one band to go on tour with right now, who would it be?


I think it would be great to tour with All-American Rejects or someone like that. I think them.  Boys Like Girls would be just incredible, of course.  The Fray would be awesome.  Taylor Swift.  I don’t know, anyone that really influences me would be such a cool opportunity to go on tour.


What concerts have you been to recently that you loved?


Yes, recently I just went to see Matt Kearney.  He is just a great singer and he always wears the same outfit everywhere.   It’s just like his image thing, the hat and tie.  That was really cool.  I also went to a Taylor Swift concert that was just huge, amazing.  I was really close to the stage so I could almost touch her.  It was great.


Favorite Taylor Swift song?


Yeah, “You Belong To Me” is really catchy.  (singing) “She wears high heels, I wear tee-shirts” that kind of thing.  It’s really good.


To find out more about Josh Golden be sure to visit his official website and Myspace pages.  You can purchase a copy of the album by clicking here.

You can listen to Josh's sibligs by checking out there official Myspace pages:
*Liz Golden (www.myspace.com/lizgoldenmusic)
*John Golden (www.myspace.com/johnisaacgolden)

Josh Golden interviews with Hollywood Teen'Zine (www.hollywoodteenzine.com).

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Comment by kamillabedin on 2009-07-23 21:31:30
awesome interview, josh is amazing !  

Comment by leanne0102 on 2009-08-14 03:41:57
ur dreams are coming true josh! been ur fan since u added me at myspace and sending me comments about anything haha! good luck! really happy for you! 
and about ur song "pretty little face", its genius, and surprising cuz when i was heading here (us) from another country, i saw this guy staring at me and i cant take his face out of my mind then when i got ur mail, 2 dayz after, i heard this song(p.l.f) and i was like, wow! this happened to me juss recently haha!  
Anywayz, am alwayz here for u! :) have fun with ur new life! hope i could see/meet you!

Comment by tedy on 2010-09-02 13:26:24
i love ur eyes :x

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