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Earlier this year we introduced to you a talented group of musicians who had recently formed a band that we thought was the band to watch for in 2009.   Fast forward to six months later (and we really do mean fast forward) and Gloriana has already landed a spot on one of the hottest tours of the summer, made their debut at the ACM Awards and received three CMT Award nominations, clinching their first CMT Award under the Nationwide On Your Side category.  What makes this even more special is that all of these acclamations took place prior to the band releasing an album.  The sound of great music and the promise of more to come is what catapulted Gloriana’s career sending them on a whirlwind ride throughout the United States and Canada alongside teen sensation Taylor Swift.   Hollywood Teen’Zine recently caught up with Cheyenne Kimball, Rachel Reinert, Tom Gossin and Mike Gossin during their Fearless tour stop in Los Angeles to get the scoop on how their life has changed since joining the tour.


Following the objective of fellow Fearless tour mate Taylor Swift, keeping in touch with their fans has been Gloriana’s number one priority on the road.  Not only do they participate in two meet and greets a night while on tour, the band puts a heavy emphasis on a variety of online social networking sites including Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook, just to name a few.   Since we last spoke with Gloriana, their YouTube channel called GTV (aka Gloriana TV) has become quite a hit.  Like us, you probably laughed at the video where the band gets into a sticky hand fight.  "I’m always goofing off,” Mike admits.  “We were playing a barbeque with a radio station one afternoon.  I found this little candy machine and it had these sticky hands in it.  You haven’t seen those since like ’92.  Those are old school and they used to be like the coolest thing ever."  The company that helps in editing their videos is a local Nashville, TN based company called Gamma Blast.  In addition to the GTV episodes, Gamma Blast is also responsible for the creation of their current hit music video “The Way It Goes,” which was shot at various venues all over the United States during the Fearless Tour.  We have a great relationship with them. They come out on the road with us a lot,” Mike explains.  “They’re great friends of ours and they do a really wonderful job.”

The band talked a little about what it is like being on one of the hottest tours of the summer, which has sold out almost every city to date.  “The
food is good. The catering is really nice.” Tom jokes.  “No . . . it’s like that snowball effect to the point that every night there are more and more people to meet, there are more and more people in the crowd, there are more and more people singing our songs.”


“Taylor is the coolest person in the world, and I mean that, seriously!  She’s involved us in her video.  She’s such a sweetheart and she treats us so good.  She’s been like over-accommodating to us.  She has us come out and do a song with her at the end of the night,” Mike adds.  “She is a huge international artist and being a new and upcoming band in the music scene, you know, having her reach out to us and some of the stuff she’s done for us, it’s been amazing.  She’s an awesome, awesome person. We’re having a blast.”  

Being on the Fearless Tour may have assisted in driving the band into superstardom, but it is definitely something that each member has worked extremely hard to achieve.  If the 50-City tour wasn’t enough to propel one into system overload, Gloriana has played numerous side gigs at local High Schools while on the road.  The hard work is definitely paying off as fans are grasping on to their music, and the numbers are proving that statement true.  In fact, the band recently celebrated their first number one with the release of their EP “The Way It Goes,” on Billboards Hot 100 Singles list.  “The songs are moving up the charts,” Tom explains of their newfound success.  “It’s just been one of those moments (where) we have to step back and really look at the big picture and go ‘WOW, this is really happening for us.’ We’re all really proud and we’re working really, really hard at trying to share our music with people in the world.  Things are going great, so we’re really, really excited about that."  


While it may seem like life is all fun and games being on tour and in the company of many great performers, there are many things that are missed while being on the road.  "(I miss) home cooked meals, and my dog," Rachel confessed.  "I miss my mom a lot," Cheyenne adds.   While both brothers agreed that they missed their family most, Tom added with a grin, “and a big bed so I can sprawl out.”


What has been the most memorable moment of their journey so far?  "The first night of this tour was one of the most memorable for me,” Rachel said reflecting back on the opening night of the Fearless tour.  “We were in Evansville, Indiana and it was just that feeling of getting out on stage and playing for that many people for the first time. We’d never done that.  It was just unbelievable."  In addition to being on the tour, Mike’s most memorable moment was their first red carpet experience, which just happened to be the ACM Awards.


Compared to the likes of Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles, Gloriana is putting a modern day twist to some classic musical influences creating a unique sound that would give their predecessors a run for their money.  Their self-titled debut album (not to be confused with their current paper-cut EP "The Way It Goes") is scheduled for release on August 4th and creates a perfect balance of up-tempo tunes to go with their flowing ballads, depicting the ups and downs of love, family, friendship and life.  The forthcoming album will contain the following tracks:


1.  How Far Do You Wanna Go

2.  Wild At Heart

3.  The Way It Goes

4.  Lead Me On

5.  If You're Leaving

6.  You Said

7.  Cry On Command

8.  Are You Over Me?

9.  Come and Save Me

10. Even If I Wanted To

11. All The Things That Mean The Most

12. Change Your Mind

13.  Time To Let Me Go


While Gloriana may be fronting the power of youth, it looks like they may have received a few hints from Taylor Swift about the power of a significant number by featuring thirteen tracks on their debut album.  Hey it has worked for Taylor right? 


Gloriana's next single will be an up-tempo ballad called "How Far Do You Wanna Go," which has been creating quite the stir during their live shows.  "The next radio single we're thinking is a song called 'How Far Do You Wanna Go," Tom reveals to us.


We suggest you sit back and watch Cheyenne, Rachel, Tom and Mike, better known as Gloriana, explode into the country music circuit come August 4th with the release of their debut self-titled album, and we guarantee that you will be seeing one of the fastest growing bands receive some of the most deserved accolades that any new band wouldn’t see happen for many years into their career.

If you haven't already perused our in-depth interview with the band earlier this year then click here for a few good laughs!  Be sure to visit Gloriana's official website and Myspace pages to get the latest news from the band, and head on over to iTunes today to place an advance purchase on their upcoming album.  Stop by our contest corner to find out how you can enter to win a signed copy of Gloriana's debut album.

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