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(By: Bessie Sorge)

Growing up in Florida gave young Stefanie Scott the platform she needed to jumpstart her career, which placed her on a direct path down to young Hollywood’s wonderland of superstardom.  While living in Florida, Stefanie started singing and participating in school plays.   “I love Florida,” Stefanie says about her short time living in the state.  “We lived a block from the beach, so like we could just walk there like a lot.  The odd thing is, when living in Florida you like never go to the beach, but when you don’t live there, every time you go you have to go to the beach.”


Her presence on stage was so profound that her career as an actress began to rapidly grow.  It wasn’t very long before Stefanie landed her very first acting job, a commercial for Papa John’s Pizza.  “It was for fiesta pizza,” Stefanie told us.  “We had to eat it like 30 times.”  Her career has been on fire ever since.  While on-camera acting is currently taking precedence in Stefanie’s life, she wouldn’t mind seeing her name in the big lights and hopes to spend some time in New York doing theatre.  “My goal is to be Elle Woods in the Legally Blonde movie on Broadway,” she confesses.


While Florida provided a good start, Stefanie knew that she would need to move to Hollywood if she really wanted to take her career to new heights.  Stefanie encompasses a broad range of talent that showcases her ability to bring life into the characters she portrays and can even wow a crowd with her unbelievably powerful singing voice.  Yes, she is also a singer and a talented one at that!  If the Disney Channel’s popular series Mickey Mouse Club - the show that spawned off many successful acts such as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Keri Russell, just to name a few - was still around we have no doubt that little Stefanie would be the star of  the show!  Special note to Disney, you may want to grab up this fresh new talent before someone else beats you to it!


Stefanie recently starred alongside Moises Arias of Disney Channel’s hit series Hannah Montana in “Beethoven’s Big Break.”  We caught up with Stefanie to talk about her role in the film, what it was like working with Moises and what we can see from her in the near future!


You received two Young Artist Award nominations this year, how was that?


Oh, that was so much fun.  One of them was for Chuck on NBC, and the other one was for Beethoven’s Big Break.


So let’s talk about Beethoven’s Big Break. Tell us about your character in that film.


Well, my character is Katie and I guess she was kind of like the girl that Billy had a crush on.  He was the main guy; Moises Arias played him.  She hung out with all the skater guys, but that was the main thing in the movie was skate boarding and stuff.  In the movie, what happened was Billy loses his dog and so she ends up trying to help him find him.


What was it like working with Moises Arias?


It was so great, he is a really great actor and he is very, very funny.


Is he really funny in person just like he is on TV?




Have you ever seen him on Hannah Montana?


Oh, yeah.


Were there any funny moments on set?


Well, some funny things were when they were training the dogs, which is really interesting to see them train the dogs and stuff.  There were three Saint Bernard’s and they were playing the part of Beethoven.  The funny thing was they were very smart, but like there was this one time where the dog is supposed to sit and this dog just would not sit.  They probably had like five guys over there trying to push his bottom down to get him to sit down, he’s that heavy.  It was really funny.


What was it like working with animals in a movie?


It was very interesting, like they had their own little trailer - it was really funny - where they had all three dogs that just sat down and hung out.  It was really cool how they would just wait.  They would use like a big giant stuffed animal to take the place of the dog, and then after you’re done shooting they would have the dogs do all the tricks.  It was like, “okay, sit down.”  It was really cool.


How was that to act off with the stuffed animals, because you don’t have that, you know, the reaction from the dogs in the scene.  Was that difficult?


It was okay.  Of course, it’d probably easier with the dog there, but it was pretty neat though to watch how they did all that.


You are an animal lover right?


I love animals.


Tell us about the pets that you have.  How many do you have now?


I have one cat, two dogs and a whole bunch of fish. The cat is named Tinker Bell, she kind of mean, I have to say.  We go up to her and say, “Hey, Tinkie, Tinkie, Tinkie,” and she’d just start hissing at us; it’s kind of funny.  Then I have Mocha, she’s the little Chihuahua and she can do a whole bunch of tricks.  Like the other day we were at the park and I threw her ball and she can just bring it back to me, sit down and drop the ball.  It’s really funny.  Then I have the older dog, Frosty; he’s a beagle.  Now he doesn’t know that many tricks, but he can sit.


Did you teach him all the tricks yourself?


Yeah, I enjoy doing it actually.  Like for Frosty it’s very interesting though because it’s hard to teach your old dog new tricks, you know.


What is one of your favorite tricks you taught your Chihuahua, Mocha?


 One of my favorite tricks that I taught her was how to dance.  I put my arm in the air in front of me and she’ll just stand up on both of her backs legs and start turning around. It’s really funny.


Was it exciting for you to attend the premier and see yourself on the big screen?


Oh, yeah, that was really exciting.  I had never done it before.  That was my first movie, so it was real interesting.


What was your favorite scene to film from the movie?


I loved doing the scene while we were running after Beethoven, because we started really far back there, and there were like three places where they had cameras and we had to run so fast.  It took a while to get over there.


You also worked with Joey Fatone on set, did you watch him on Dancing With the Stars?


Oh yeah, we were rooting for him all the way.


Now you’ve worked with Moises and Joey on this movie, they’re pretty big on Hannah Montana and Dancing With the Stars; were there any fans that came to visit the set?  Did you experience any of that?


Oh, yeah, like we’d be walking to one of the sets and there would be random people coming up to Moises and saying, “Oh, can I have your picture?”


You’re a singer and a very talented one, I might add.  At what age did you start singing?


I started singing, let’s see, I think I was nine.


You also write your own music.


Yes, I love to write songs.


How many songs have you written so far?


Well, five have been done, but I’ve written so many.  After a bad day or something, it’s real interesting, I’ll take my song writing book out and write all about it, and then it just turns into a song.   It turns out to be a good day after all because you finish the entire song.


Do you ever work with any co-writers?


Sometimes.  I create songs, my mom helps me sometimes when I’m really stuck, and then I do some songs with Eddy, too. His name Eddy Galan and he’s produced like the Clique Girlz and all that kind of stuff.  He is really good. Like I love all the songs he has done for us, they turn out amazing and he’s really nice and his recording process is very easy and I enjoy it a lot.


You have a new song coming out called “New Girl In Town.” What is that song about?


The story in it is basically it’s a girl who has just come into town and I’m sure every girl has gone through this somehow, someway.  She has a hard time getting through all the cliques and having everyone, you know they all have their own little groups already, and they have a hard time letting you in. You might get past them and their popularity; either that or they are just like, “Why do I want to hang out with you, I have my people!”  So, at first she’s like, “How am I ever going to do this.” She’s like really hard on herself, but at the end she figures it out and she like, “Well, I’m going to do this my way and this is how I’m going to win.”  I love that song. We’re still working it, but the one that’s on my MySpace is not yet finished.  We’re still mixing it.  It will be out by like the end of June.


What artist influenced your musical style?


I love Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. They’re not as country but I also love Miley and Selena Gomez.


If you could chose one artist to do a duet with, which would it, be?


That is definitely a hard one, but I think I’d choose Taylor Swift.


You also did voice over work for a “Special Agent, Oso.” You have done television and you have done film, what was it like doing voice over animated work?


Oh, it’s really fun.  I love being in the voice over booth, because you can just do whatever you want.  You don’t have to worry about what you look like, or worry about anything.  You can just go out and do whatever you want to make the character totally awesome.


Tell us a little bit about your character in that.


Well, I play Briana and in the show Special Agent Oso has to come save the day because her bird won’t eat its food.  All the birds fly to her house and she has a birdfeeder and they all eat her food.  Well, she doesn’t know what to do because for some reason they are not eating her food anymore.  So, Special Agent Oso has to come save the day and end up making a special birdfeeder.


Since our interview, Stefanie has been living her life in fast forward and has booked quite a few new projects.  The day we spoke with Stefanie she had just found out she booked a new film, but details were not yet available for release.   However, we did manage to get a little information from Stefanie about the film.  “It’s called ‘Flipped,’ and it’s a Rob Reiner film” Stefanie tells us.  The movie will be filming in Michigan this summer and Stefanie is excited to make her first trip to Michigan with this production.


Stefanie also filmed an iCarly commercial for their new toys, “Mega Bite Mic, Fashion Switch Figures and Sam’s Remote,” Stefanie gushes.  “You get like big sounds just like the audience.” She did not get to take any of the toys home since they were test samples only, but she did have a lot of fun playing with them.


Her EP is coming out at the end of next month and recently she wrote and recorded two more songs.  “They are called ‘Friday Night’ and ‘Coast to Coast,’” Stefanie explains.  “They are both awesome.  ‘Friday Night’ is about pretty much about Friday night parties, girls only, no boys allowed, and it’s an awesome party song, especially for a sleep-over or something, and ‘Coast to Coast’ is about coming from the east coast world to west coast world, and as crazy as it seems, well, I’m sticking with my dreams.”

If you want to learn more about Stefanie Scott then head on over to her official website, which is super cute! 

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