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The fourth season premiere of ABC Family's hit series Greek airs tonight and it's certainly an episode you will not want to miss!  The new season brings lots of changes to the students at Cyprus Rhodes University as we see our favorite soririty sisters and fraternity brothers nagivating through their post-graduate lives, while the undergrads are taking on new challenges - both in and out of the Greek system!  Keep reading to find out everything we know about what is in store this season, PLUS check out our on set interviews with the cast!

Get the details on the upcoming season of Greek!
Photo Credit: ABC Family


There have been quite a few hints dropped about each of the characters and the changes we can expect to see in the upcoming fourth season of ABC Family's hit series Greek, starring Jacob Zachar, Spencer Grammer, Scott Michael Foster, Jake McDorman, Clark Duke, Dilsha Vadzaria, Paul James and Amber Stevens.  Here are some of the clues that we received so far:

1.  Casey and Evan are beginning law school -- where Casey's relationship with Joel comes back to haunt her.  While Even is still trying to get a grasp on financial obligations with law school, Casey is adapting to her post-graduation life outside of ZBZ.

Get the details on the upcoming season of Greek!
Photo Credit: ABC Family

2.  Ashleigh is beginning her career in New York City.  While she is adjusting to her new life sans-sorority, she quickly realizes how difficult it is to get her career started and find her footing as an adult.

3.  Rebecca has now taken over as the President of ZBZ and must take on haunting foes from her past including Tegan and Frannie, both of whom return to stir up trouble iin the CRU Greek system once again.

4.  Dale surprises everyone when he decides he is readay for new college experiences and has a change of heart about the Greek system.  Could Dale actually be rushing?  If so, which house will he choose?

Get the details on the upcoming season of Greek!
Photo Credit: ABC Family

5.  Cappie and Rusty try to keep Kappa Tau going strong with their new pledge Peter Parkes, son of famous KT alum Lasker Parkes.  Rusty longs to be a leader in Kappa Tau and challenges Cappie for Presidence.  Will Cappie ever grow up and pass the torch on to his little bro?  Meanwhile, a mysterious person threatens to wreak havoc upon the KT house, with no indication of giving up until it is in ruins.

7.  There will be a murder mystery episode that pays homage to Clue, a special episode focusing on a day in the life of Beaver, as well as a Hangover-inspired episode.

The guest stars this season will include Jonathan Silverman as Lasker Parkes, Josh Randall as Professor Simon Segal and Devon Werkheiser as Peter Parkes.  Returning guest stars include Sam Page as Joel, Charisma Carpenter as Tegan, Martha MacIsaac as Dana, Nora Kirkpatrick as Katherine and Tiffany Dupont as Frannie.


We sent Megan and Tetris down to the set of Greek to find out what is in store for the upcoming season of the show and to see which of them could pass the Greek Alphabet test! 


We chat with Spencer Grammer about the upcoming season of GREEK!
Photo Credit: ABC Family

We got to speak with Spencer Grammer to talk about the changes that Casey Cartwright will make in the upcoming season of Greek!  Keep reading to find out what she had to say!

The new season of Greek is about to start; are you getting excited about the premiere?

Yeah, it’s really a fun season. You know, my character is in law school and we had some really good guest stars.  We have a lot more interaction with different characters that we haven’t seen in previous seasons. It’s so exciting.

How would you describe present day Casey Cartwright?

She’s definitely a little bit more mature than she was when we first started off the season, many moons ago. She’s pursuing her career independent of necessarily like being with a guy and she’s still trying to stay involved in the sorority and all kinds of stuff like that.

What has been the biggest change that you’ve seen in Casey throughout the years?

Her relationship with her brother and family has definitely gotten more important to her. I’d say that forgiveness is the big thing in Casey’s life.  And she’s really trying to do the right thing and hasn’t been able to do it a lot of the time, but she’s definitely better now.

We chat with Spencer Grammer about the upcoming season of Greek!
Photo Credit: ABC Family

Throughout the prior seasons we’ve seen strong characteristics from Casey as she lead the ZBZ house, but in the last couple of episodes we saw Casey breakdown with uncertainty about the future and her relationships. What do you think was going through Casey’s mind that forced her to have these doubts?

I think we are all scared to make that jump from being a student and changing from a teenager into becoming an adult....I mean, she’s choosing to be a lawyer and that will dictate the rest of her life. You know, it’s a scary thing. I think that you always kind of want to be nostalgic for what you’ve experienced already, but the reality is that in life we grow, and we change, and we become new people.

In the last episode Rusty advised Casey that some kids never grow up. And in the new season promo Casey tells Ashleigh that “we’re not kids anymore, we can’t just run away.”  Has Casey come to terms with the fact that her life is moving forward?

I think at some point you always kind of run away. Your always like, “what am I doing?”  Like going to work everyday or you are in a relationship that you might not want to be in.  And then it hits you, like this is your life now. We’re not playing the game of Life, we are actually living it each day.  I think for Casey it’s a reality that she has to accept, and learn to take responsibility for her actions and the choices that she is going to make that will affect her future.

We chat with Spencer Grammer about the upcoming season of Greek!
Photo Credit: ABC Family

The new season brings two people in Casey’s life close together; her brother Rusty and her best friend Ashleigh. How does Casey feel about that possible relationship?

I think acceptance is a big heavy theme in our show particularly. Whether it be about having a different sexual orientation or a different status, or whether you are a nice person or a mean person (laughs). I think for Casey learning acceptance and being able to be supportive in other people’s choices and trusting them and loving them is something that we should all learn.

Casey is now in Law School, what area of law could you see Casey practicing in the future?

Maybe environmental law, or maybe human rights.

A lot of fans wrote in about Casey and Cappie’s relationship status. So, to represent everyone who asked about their relationship where does this current season find them?

I don’t know if I can tell you that. There will be interactions with Cappie and Casey as we go along in the season. (Laughs) I mean, he hasn’t disappeared or left the show so I’ll probably be talking to him at some point.

The have had this on-again off-again relationship for so long now. Do you feel that Cappie and Casey are soul mates?

I think when you connect with somebody in a real way, whether or not it’s the right (moment)...I mean, it’s kind of always about timing isn’t it?  People who stick with you stay with you no matter what, and eventually you find some solace or recompense between the two of you and you get together.

We chat with Spencer Grammer about the upcoming season of GREEK!
Photo Credit: ABC Family

What can we expect to see from Casey and Evan’s friendship now that the two will be attending law school together?

I think that the friendship between Evan and Casey has always existed.   You know, she obviously dated him for a long time and it was a very important relationship, even though he is kind of a bad word that I’m not going to say (laughs).  But he has real issues with his family and all kinds of stuff.  I think loosing his money and learning how to, sort of, survive in the world as a regular person…it’s been hard on him and she has some acceptance of that. I think sometimes she sees the good in people a lot more than she sees the bad.

Rebecca and Casey have been rivals in the ZBZ house for so long, but the last season showed the two of them bonding during their break. Will we see that friendship continue to develop in the upcoming season?

I think that Casey gets really involved law school and gets less involved in that (sorority) world in some ways. They definitely have a friendship, and I think there is sort of a mutual respect between the two.

Addicted2Greek wants to know if you could write one storyline for Casey what would it be, and what would you have liked to do on the show that you haven’t been able to do yet?

It would have been cool if we could have done magic, but that would be completely not even in the realm of the show. If I could say a spell and things would just fly around that would be cool. If I could like fly that would be neat. (Laughs) That is like not in the reality of the show but it would be cool if my character also flew on the side.

I mean, you’ve pretty much done everything already just by being a part of the Greek life!

Yes, pretty much. I don’t think there is anything more I could do other than become supernatural. (Laughs)


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