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We interview "Are We There Yet" star Teala Dunn!

By: Lauren Pinney

From appearing on Nick Jr. to starring in her very own network television sitcom, Teala Dunn is growing up in the spotlight and blossoming as one of Hollywood's hottest young actresses. At the age of three, Teala followed in her older sister’s shadow and convinced her parents to allow her to pursue acting. By age six, Teala had proved her commitment and fully expressed her passion for the business. She booked her very first job as an actress appearing in a national commercial for the Sears department store.

It didn't take long for the industry to take notice of this fresh new talent. Teala landed her first starring role on a Nick Jr.’s animated series called The Wonder Pets voicing the character of Tuck, the lovable classroom pet turtle who goes on adventures with his two companion friends, Linny the Guinea Pig and Ming-Ming Duckling. Not only did Teala portray the voice of this character, she was able to put her vocal chords to the test singing along with her other Wonder Pets costars. “It’s totally fun,” she exclaimed! “You go into the booth, which is like kind of a recording studio, and you do the voices and they print out scripts and we run our lines. Every episode there are always songs to it so I would get to sing in my Tuck voice and stuff!” Teala has voiced over 200 episodes of The Wonder Pets series, which is still airing on Nick Jr. “I’ve been doing that for several years now and it’s just been a real blast,” she told us.

We interview "Are We There Yet" star Teala Dunn!
Photo Credit: Nickelodeon

Since getting her start on The Wonder Pets, Teala has appeared on the popular Nickelodeon Series The Naked Brothers Band and guest starred on NBC's Law & Order and Law & Order: SVU. These roles have helped Teala embrace her passion for being on camera and solidified exactly what the future held for her. Little did she know exactly what was lurking just around the corner!

Teala received a call to audition for a new sitcom called Are We There Yet. “I was ecstatic just because I was an avid viewer of the movies: Are We There Yet and Are We Done Yet,” Teala shared. “So, I was just thrilled that I even got to audition for the part!” After a grueling three audition process, Teala booked the role of Lindsey Kingston on the show

We interview "Are We There Yet" star Teala Dunn!
Photo Credit: TBS

Are We There Yet, the TV series, was based off of the original movie which starred Ice Cube, who plays Lindsey’s uncle on the show. Teala gleamed with excitement as she talked about the opportunity she had getting to work with Ice Cube and Terry Crews on set. “I was a fan of Terry Crews because I would always be watching Everybody Hates Chris,” Teala said. “I was like ‘Am I really going to be working with Terry Crews?’ And Ice Cube is such a legend in his own way. He is so down to earth in real life and he is so nice. I saw a lot of his movies, like The Long Shot and stuff of that nature, and he was the one who started Are We There Yet. So I was definitely a fan of his.”

Teala, along with co-stars Coy Stewart, Essence Atkins, Terry Crews, Ice Cube and Telma Hopkins, have made Are We There Yet such a hit that TBS picked the series up for an additional 90 episodes, which is typically an unheard of number. Teala has enjoyed the journey of being a part of such a dynamic TV family and has been able to learn so much from her co-stars. “I think that the whole cast could not get better. I just feel really honored that I get to work with such experienced actors such as Terry Crews and Essence Atkins and, you know, Telma Hopkins is like a legend," she said of her co-stars. "Everybody is so down to earth, and we all are like family. I can only imagine how 90 episodes is going to bring us so much closer together so I’m excited!”

We interview "Are We There Yet" star Teala Dunn!

Playing Lindsey has been blessing for Teala, who describes her character as your average teenage girl who loves to text and ends everything with ‘LOL’! “She is definitely an avid texter, she loves to be on Facebook and all those type of sites," Teala describes her character. "She has a core bond with her family, but she would probably rather be hanging out with her friends than be with her family, but she loves them dearly.”

Lindsey is a fun loving teenage girl with a slightly sarcastic side, but that only makes her easily relatable to all of the teenage girls watching the show. “I am definitely an avid texture! I have a Twitter, so I always tweet all the time," Teala says comparing herself to Lindsey. "When I am on set I can kind of understand how Lindsey feels, and I think that it’s such an easy process becoming her when I am on screen. I think she is going through what a lot of teenage girls are going though and I can just relate to that.”

We interview "Are We There Yet" star Teala Dunn!

When she is not playing her texting savvy character, Teala enjoys all the normal teenage things that life has to offer. She is constantly tweeting and staying in touch with fans. Going shopping with her mother, dancing and taking art classes are some of Teala's favorite past times. Education plays an important role in Teala's life maintaining her A/B grades in school. When she is on set she enjoys tutoring along side co-star Coy Stewart in her nor favorite subjects: English. Just like every other teenager girl, she is an avid reader of the Twilight series and is torn between Edward Cullen and Jacob Black.

“I am looking forward to seeing how Lindsey grows up, and seeing what kind of friends she’ll interact with, and seeing if she will stay the good girl,” Teala said. “It is 90 episodes so she is definitely going to be growing up with the show. I just can’t wait to read those scripts!” With Teala’s success at such a young age we know she will only continue to grow as an actress as well! If you want to keep up with Teala, be sure you follow her on twitter @ttylteala and make sure to watch for her on Are We There Yet on TBS.

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