The CW's hit series Life Unexpected is certainly spinning on an exciting new axis this season, re-defining its focus on the important values of family, friendship and young love! Speaking of young love, look at the triangle Lux (played by Britt Robertson) got herself into this season! If you haven't followed the storyline, here is a quick wrap-up: Lux starts the year off with an engagement to Bug (played by Rafi Gavron), then breaks it off after sharing a kiss with Eric Daniels (played by Shaun Sipos) the new kid in town who she soon finds out is the new teacher at her school (can we say, oops!) and to top it off Jones returns to profess his feelings for her. Who do you think Lux should end up with?  Check out what Austin Butler has to say about his role on the series and what we can expect to see from Jones in upcoming episodes of Life Unexpected! Oh, and he plays an important part in tonight's all-new episode that you will NOT want to miss!

We chat with Ausitn Butler about his role on Life Unexpected!
Austin Butler chats with us about his role on Life Unexpected!

Are you excited about the second season of Life Unexpected? Oh, I’m so excited. It’s bigger and crazier this year. I love it.

Can you tell us a little bit about how your character has changed from the first season going into this season and his relationship with Lux? I think that in last season she had Bug in her life and that whole thing, so it didn’t really work out for them. Then between seasons they hadn’t seen each other very much and now when they finally do see each other again, it’s that kind of thing of where do they stand? He hears that she and Bug broke up and he thinks he has a chance, but she kind of pulls him in and then pushes him away again. They definitely belong together, but there is a lot about Lux that keeps that from happening. She's got a lot of baggage and he is patient and understanding, but at the same time he doesn’t want to lay around forever.

We chat with Ausitn Butler about his role on Life Unexpected!
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The character of Jones hasn’t really been developed much on the show. Are we going to see more character development in the upcoming episodes? That is something that I have really been hoping for. Because all you see is Jones being perfect. We haven’t seen many flaws and I think that that would really make him human if we got to see some of his imperfections, and also more relatable to Lux if she could see him as something other than just the high school quarterback. Then maybe she could think of herself as more of a girlfriend material, whereas now she doesn’t really relate to him quite as much. She just thinks that he is some high school quarterback guy.

In what ways do you relate to Jones? Oh, man. With this one it’s hard because I never went to High School. Who knows where I would fit in in High School, but here I can play this guy who is like the star football player and everything. So, that’s cool for me. As far as relatability of me to him, I don’t know. I can relate in the fact that I have fallen for girls before and it hasn’t work out or whatever, and that’s always a really hard thing to deal with, relationships in general. I’ve had bad relationships and I’ve had good relationships, and I can relate to his yearning because you always want what you can’t have. He can't have Lux, and I’ve definitely had that feeling in real life.

We chat with Ausitn Butler about his role on Life Unexpected!
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What is it like working with the cast of the show? They are all wonderful people in general and actors. We're blessed to have really good actors on the show. Last season I work a lot with just Brittany and I, and she is just brilliant. I’ve learned so much from her. I mean, everybody on the show is great. And then off set, it’s like a big family. It’s just so much fun. We get to go out to dinner and just hang out. They always welcome new people. When I was new coming into the show on whatever episode I came on in the first season, I felt like I was at home right away. I love working on the show.

This is not the first time you’ve filmed in Canada, you have been there quite a bit. What was it like shooting the series in Vancouver? Yeah, I have and I love it. Vancouver is a great city. It’s got such good food and I know all the good restaurants out there. I love going to the parks. It’s starting to get a little colder, but when we first went up there in the summertime it was just beautiful up there, and now it’s getting more toward autumn so it will be cool to see it get a little bit cooler. I love Vancouver so much. It’s nice because it's a small city and you can get everywhere pretty quickly. I like it better than Toronto. I do like Toronto, I don’t want to bash Toronto or anything like that, but Vancouver is my preference.

We chat with Ausitn Butler about his role on Life Unexpected!
Photo Credit: The CW

What do you think it is that draws so many fans into Life Unexpected? I think that, especially this year, it is no holds barred. Anything can happen as far as relationships and twists and turns, and who's related to who. It's sexy and yet it still has the family values. It's still a really sweet show. I think that is what draws people.

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