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A few weeks ago fans were able to see an hour long preview of Disney XD's highly anticipated new series Pair of Kings, starring Mitchel Mssuo, Doc Shaw and Ryan OchoaTonight the adventure into the superstitious island of KinKow begins as the tale of two kings unfolds right before our eyes!  In tonight's premiere episode, "Beach Bully Bingo," Brady and Boomer have a run-in with a group of teen surf punks and their leader, Hibachi, and become banned from the beach. In order to win back Shredder beach, the kings must enroll in Mason's surfing boot camp to compete against Hibachi and others.  In case you missed the hour long preview of the show, it will re-air tonight on Disney XD at 7PM right before the premiere episode airs at 8PM.  Mitchel Musso shared his excitement about the new series with us. Keep reading to find out more about this awesome new series from the mighty king himself, Mitchel Musso!

We chat with Mitchel Musso about his new series "Pair Of Kings" on Disney XD!

Are you excited to unviel your new series Pair of Kings to the fans? Are you kidding me, of course!  This is the next thing.  This is it.  It might not be it for everybody and that's fine with me, you know what I mean?  I'm not trying for that.  If anybody ever wants to get away to a mystical magical island where anything is possible, but at the same time it all makes sense, and everything that you want to happen, happens, you need to watch. 

Can you describe the Island where the show takes place?  This place is not just the island of Kinkow, but it's another world. Anything is possible.  They've brought these swordfighter trainers in to teach us how to battle and work us out to become these ninjas, pretty much.  So we are constantly going into battle with mummies and pirates and tarantula people and giants and trolls and ogres and people called Flogies who are green and they can turn invisible and tons of animals.  I mean, live animals.  It's not like the people who will bring a cat onto their show, you see we bring a cougar onto the show.  We bring zebras onto the show.  We bring lions, snakes, really big snakes, anaconda type stakes.  It's like this whole other world. This is adventure.  It is dramatic.  It's a movie, but at the same time it's got all the comedy you want because that's what it is.

We chat with Mitchel Musso about his role on Pair of Kings, debuting tonight on Disney XD!
Photo Credit: The Disney Channel

What is the premise of Pair of Kings? It's about these two boys who were born on Kinkow.  It's a black boy and a white boy named Boomer and Brady and they are twins, because anything is possible on Kinkow.  They grew up in Chicago because their parents didn't want them to know about this island.  They didn't want them to get involved because they were so scared, you know there is so much going on that you have to be eighteen to be a part of this island and we were too young to defend ourselves at the time.  We knew nothing about the island.  We were raised in Chicago with our Aunt and our Uncle and then all of a sudden - yes, it's a very sad story, our parents do pass away - and we inherit this island.  So we have to be these kings, these sixteen/seventeen year old average kids from Chicago have to be kings of an island of a million people.  There is a dark side of this island and there is the light side of the island and what people don't know, which is really the whole backbone of the story, is that the reason we were split up is because our dad was a twin and that twin is on the dark side of the island.  It's like our Uncle is the bad guy. You know what I mean?

Do you enjoy mixing the comedy and adventure together in this new role?  Oh my God, yes, and at the same time it's rough!  There is so much harness work.  I mean, we are in a volcano with lava underneath us and we are on this wooden rope bridge and there are planks that are missing and we have to wear a harness constantly.  I mean this is only one scenario, you know?  We are flipping and flying and jumping through the air and fighting and we are blowing stuff up all the time on the show.  With this scene I have to jump.  You know the cheerleading move where someone almost squats and puts their hands out and you step into their hand and they throw you? So, Doc is throwing me roughly 25 feet across broken planks onto the other side of the bridge, and we are all on the green screen and they have got this harness on me and there is tons of wire working. If I miss that plank, if I miss my landing and I don't touch that landing or I don't jump far enough, I am swinging all the way back and my legs are lower than the planks so my shins are hitting these planks every single time.  That is just scenario.  I am beat up and bruised up and cut up pfrom this show, but you know what?  That is what makes live TV and that is what I am most excited about people seeing is that we did the stunts. We beat the living bejesus out of us.  

We chat with Mitchel Musso about his role on Pair of Kings, debuting tonight on Disney XD!

What was your response to the material you received every week while shooting the show?  When these writers would write the show and we would get these scripts every Friday, I would read this script and I would be like, "How in the world are we going to do all of this in four days?" In just two days of shooting, really because you only rehears for two days and you shoot for two days.  I was like, "How in the world?"  And that is every week.  The boundaries are crossed every day.  Anything they write about is just limitless.  I read it and I'm like, "Oh, my God.  There's now way!"  There's no way, but we seem to get it done and that's what makes a TV show! I give it up for them, all the cast and all the crew.  The lighting people, man they make us look like a million bucks!

If you were a King for the day, what would you do with your powers?  Honestly, I would not want to be king.  I think just acting like I'm a king is good enough for me.  But, if I was a king, I would probably ban money.  I hate money, I just hate money  I don't hate it because the President is in charge of the money.  Don't you feel like most of the problems, most of the stress in this world come with money?  You know what I mean?  If there was a way to do that, just to cut it out of this world and people still do their jobs and have just as much food as they would want at the end of the day and just be happy all of the time and support their kids and let you go to college for free and school for free and if you are sick you get free a free hospital where you don't have to pay to go to the hospital.  It's like, you've got to save your world.  If there was any way to do it, you know, but I'm not king so I don't know.

What three things would you take with you to a deserted island?  I don't know, food because if it's deserted I'd need something to eat.  Definitely my phone so I could make phone calls or I would be bored.  Oh, I would need a charger though.  Oh no now I am screwed because I wanted a computer too.  Are theire chargers on the island?

I guess you would need an electrical outlet too?  Yeah, you see what I am saying?  Because if I'm bringing an outlet, that takes a lot away.  Oh, solar power!  I'd just get a solar powered phone.  I'd get a solar powered computer whenever they make those and then food and I'm good!

We chat with Mitchel Musso about his role on Pair of Kings, debuting tonight on Disney XD!

I noticed that there was a pool table on the set.  Does the cast get to play a lot when you are not filming?  We definitely play on the show a good portion , but when wer are not (filming) no because I would beat Doc every single time and he never wants to play with me.  And that is the truth.  If you talk to oc, he will tell you otherwise.  He will say that he wins all the time, but it's not true.  Trust me.  Not true!

What is it like withing with the cast on this show?  I am not going to lie, they are the most professional people I have ever worked with my whole entire life and that makes my job so much easier.  I have never had a problem with any of them.  Not once has anybody ever been rude or cruel or mean to each other in any way.  I think we all wanted this so bad and that's what makes an amazing show.  If everybody is professional they are always on their lines, they are on their cues.  My co-star Doc, if I'm feeling bad I don't have to worry because Doc's going to be funny.  He's going to take it and he's going to help me.  That's what comedy is, is playing off each other.  If he's funny, I'm funny.  That's how it works, you know?  Working witih professionals just makes my life a lot easiter. It also makes this a lot more exciting.

It's really weird because none of us were really too close before the show.  I've seen Doc multiple times, but we were never really close.  We didn't talk too much.  But then the show happened and we just had this chemistry about us.  I don't really know how to explain it, but it's a family.  We are a real family up there.  We look out for each other!

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Um......which one were you? Boomer or Brady?

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It's really weird none of us were really too close before the show. 
Mi name is D√°fnni  
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Such big fans

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