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By: Amber George

Young Caroline Sunshine definitely lives up to her name, she is a ray of sunshine in the entertainment industry.  Her very first feature film Marmaduke was released in theaters nationwide earlier this year and life has been a roller coaster ride for this young actress since.  During our interview, I found Caroline to be extremely easy to talk to and really enjoyed our fun phone conversation.  

Caroline started acting at a very young age.  Her first steps into the performance arts through dance, specifically ballet.  "I always credit ballet for teaching me (to perform)," Caroline shared with us.  "Ballet carved my life of the love for the stage."  The natural next steps she took landed her in the world of Community Theatre, and eventually the infamous Broadway stage. 

After turning 11 years old, Caroline told her parents that she wanted to take acting seriously and asked if she could get an agent to help her with auditions.  Her parents were very supportive of her career choice and it didn't take long to book her first acting job, a commercial for the Amazing Allysen Doll.  That pretty much solidified Caroline's choice to become an actress and her determination to make it in Hollywood grew.


Earlier this year Caroline's first feature length film Marmaduke hit theaters and she was elated to talk about her experience on set.  She was drawn to the role because it was very natural to her and she was able to relate to her character.  "I found the script to be genuine and funny and family friendly," Caroline recalled.  She connected on a natural level with her character, Barbara, a typical teen whose life is uprooted when her family moves to California.  

The audition process for Marmaduke was just like any other audition, but this one was on the actual Fox lot.  "All I 'd really done was commercial jobs and stuff and this was definitely my first big audition," she explained.  During the audition process for Marmaduke, Caroline was planning for her solo dance number at a national competition that she was really looking forward to, but had to make the difficult choice of participating in the competition or going in to read for the callback for Marmaduke.  Her choice in the end paid off as Caroline landed the role in the film.

Working with the animals was one of the highlights for Caroline when she was working on the film.  They used over fifty dogs throughout the production of the film.  Caroline enjoyed her experience working with her "four-legged co-stars" and found it easy to work with the animal actors since they were very skilled at what they do.  


Although Caroline did not get to work with George Lopez or Owen Wilson during the production, she was able to meet them at the premiere of Marmaduke.  A typical day on set was filled with fun and Caroline loved the “no drama”  feel of the set.  Her day stars in hair and makeup followed by either set school with her personal tutor or straight to set to shoot her scenes.

Outside of acting Caroline loves spending time with her family, trying her hand at cooking food she saw on the Food Network, hanging out with friends, doing a little surfing and going to the beach.  Her favorite place to hang out with her friends is Yogurt Land, where she makes her own frozen yogurt with her own choice of toppings.  Like any teenage girl Caroline loves to shop and going to the mall with her friends.  One of her favorite stores is Forever 21, and she also oves to mix and match vintage clothing.

Caroline is very excited that Marmaduke has been nominated for Best Animated Movie at this years Teen Choice Awards.  You can vote for your favorites at: www.teenchoiceawards.com.  Look for Caroline Sunshine to make a special appearance later this year in the new Disney series Shake It Up!


User Comments

Comment by Anonymous on 2010-10-01 00:28:50
I like Caroline Sunshine liked her performance hope she will work harder after ~! Come on, you're the best.

Comment by Anonymous on 2010-11-07 16:24:56
what dog are you do you you play on shake it up do you now i am and actress

Comment by Anonymous on 2011-07-09 15:01:29
Go Caroline Sunshine!

Comment by leah white/ubbleblower@veriz on 2011-09-06 17:19:48
hey i think you are a beautiful and talented actress

Comment by Anonymous on 2011-03-22 19:42:39
She is so pretty and funny in the movie Marmaduke and in Shake it up a Disney channel tv show

Comment by Danielle BubblezBlower16@Veriz on 2011-01-16 12:39:24
I Am A Big Fan Of Caroline And She Is Beautiful!! : )

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