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By: Bessie Sorge 

For the last three years fans have watched this talented young actress star on grow up Nickelodeon's top rated television series iCarly, but now we get to see a different side of Miranda Cosgrove  as she ventures into a music career with the release of her debut album "Sparks Fly" on Columbia Records.  Miranda premiered her catchy new single "Kissin' U" at the Kids Choice Awards last month giving fans a sneak peak at what they can expect to hear from Miranda on her new album.  Hollywood Teen'Zine caught up with Miranda to discuss her budding music career.  Check out our interview below and be sure to pick up your copy of Sparks Fly today through Amazon.com. 

How old were you when you first realized that you had a passion for singing?

I was probably like three or four. I would just like run around the house and I would always be singing songs.  I loved Mamma Mia.  I ended up getting into a singing class called A Little Stars Group for little kids; we all played instruments, and we sang songs and we have recitals. So, that's really when I got into music.

You grew up having a love for music, but you wound up falling into into acting instead.  How does it feel now going back to your musical roots?

It's really great.  I've been making the album for probably a year and a half or two years, and most of the time I was working on the album I was making iCarly at the same time. So, it was really nice to get to leave the set and go into the studio.  With singing it is so personal -- it's like you're yourself and writing the songs and everything -- it is really different from acting on set.   It was really nice to have that big difference during the day, just getting to go and sit down, and relax, and really come up with lyrics and sing in the studio.


You've done music with Nickelodeon in the past appearing on the soundtrack for iCarly; Can you describe you style of music that you have currently and explain how you wanted to separate yourself from the music you have done in the past on the show?

I always loved music.  I have a lot of different influences.  I'm kind of all over the place.  I love Rihanna, P!nk and Gwen Stefani, but I also love the Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Strokes.  Even though I love music and I've been singing for a long time, it took me a while to really figure out the kind of music I wanted to do.  I ended up doing pop/rock music with my own edge, but it took me a long time to find that.  I think it was nice to do the iCarly album.  I got to do a few songs on that. That was my first time really being in the studio and singing songs. Most of those songs were covers. Getting to make this album has been a completely different experience. I think the songs are a lot more mature and they're definitely a lot more real, maybe, just because most of the lyrics are made for me.

Can you take us to the moment you first held the final product in your hand.

Yeah, I'm so excited. I actually just got it not long ago. They sent me a copy in the mail.  It was pretty funny; my next door neighbor is my age, she's one of my best friends, and I called her immediately to come over and look at it. It was nice because my friends helped me through the whole thing. I kind of tortured them and I made them listen to every version of every songs a thousand times. They all gave me their opinions on everything. So, it was nice that they were kind of with me through the whole process. I showed them the album, of course.

What was your favorite part of the whole recording process?

Probably getting to co-write. I think that was like the most different experience for me.  I guess I'm a little bit of shy person, so going in and sharing my ideas with these like producers and writers that I really look up to that have written some of my favorite songs, it was probably the hardest thing for me, but also the most fun.

Now you have wrote or co-wrote a couple of the songs on the album; which ones were they and what was the process that you took for co-writing these songs?

I co-wrote “Kissin' U”, which is my single.  When I went in to do that song, it was cool because I went in with Dr. Luke, who I had actually worked with before.  I did a song “About You Now” with him, so I felt really comfortable with him and it was a really good experience. Then another song on the album “Adored” I co-wrote. And that was one of the first times that I had ever gone in to co-write a song. That song means a lot to me. 


I listened to your album and noticed that a lot of the songs are about boys and first loves and break-ups; can you talk a little bit about where you drew your inspiration for the album?

I've been on a ton of dates and had crushes on different guys, and that definitely helped me a lot.  But also my friends (have helped).  They are always telling me stuff about guys they like or little things about their relationships.  So, some of that helped.

Lets talk about the song selection process. What was it that you looked for in song that made you want to put it on the album?

I love artists like P!nk, Avril Lavigne and Gwen Stefane.  A lot of the time I would search songs that I would listen to and I tried to pick songs that were really true to me, and things that I thought that I would say or something that I really related to.  There is a song on the album called “What Are You Waiting For,” and the second I heard that song, I really (liked it).  That song really meant a lot to me.  It's really the only ballad on the album.

Now is there a song that you identify the most with?

My favorite song is one called “Disgusting,” and that was written by Ke$ha.  I love all her music. I think she is really cool. All her songs are like tongue-in-cheek and fun. And that song is kind of like that. It's really like tongue in cheek, it says "it so disgusting how I love you."  I really like that song a lot. It's fun to listen to, kind of like a party song.

Can you talk a little bit about the story behind your first single off the album, “Kissin' U”?

I actually wrote the song about a guy I really liked.  He knew that I was making an album and recording and everything, but I didn't tell him that I had written one of the songs about him. So, of course, he has heard the song now and he put the pieces together.  I was so embarrassed to tell him.  But he figured it out and he was actually flattered. I was a little scared. I thought he might think it was a little strange that I wrote a song about him.

What was it like filming the video for “Kissin' U”?

It actually just came out like a week or two weeks ago.  It was really fun to film. We got to film on the beach. It was fun getting to be on the beach all day and my love interest in the video is really nice.  He's actually Australian. It was funny because my friends came to the set and they were all talking to him. They were all like, "he's really cute."


A couple of songs that really stood out on the album are "Disgusting" and “Daydream.” Can you talk a little bit about those songs and why you chose to put them on the album?

I really like “Disgusting” just because it's probably the funniest song on the album and the most fun; the music and everything is a fun kind of dance song. Then “Daydream” I really like.  I love Avril Lavigne and she wrote that song. I really, really like that song. Also, it's really relatable because everybody has met a guy or made friends with a guy and secretly wanted to date him. 

Did you have any funny moments or bloopers when you were in the studio recording the album?

Yeah, we actually had plenty of bloopers and stuff.  I did a lot more songs than we actually (put on the album).   I think I did like 30 or 40 songs and then we narrowed it down to the 10 main songs that are on the real album because then the album has two bonus tracks. But, we have a ton of different bloopers and things, especially back when I first started recording because they went back as far as when I was 13 and we tried using some of those songs that I had done for iCarly album. So I have like a lot funny little like outtakes and things from that. Also, I sounded a lot younger so all my friends would laugh about that.

You said you recorded 40 songs for the album.  Were there any songs that you wish that you could have squeezed onto the album that didn't make it?

Yeah, definitely. It was really hard narrowing it down. Like I was saying, my friends helped me a lot. I had them listen to pretty much every song. They all put like their votes in for their favorites. But, I think it ended up going pretty well. I think I picked the ones that I really couldn't live without. But, who knows, maybe I'll put some on my MySpace or something after the album comes out.

You are going on your first tour for your debut album; can you talk a little bit about the tour and will you have any opening acts?

I have been rehearsing with the band for the last few months, which has been a really different experience. It's cool because they are already a band “The Click Five,” so they have been on tour and they really know what they are doing.  They have been helping me a lot, talking me through it and trying to explain what it's going to be like.  I'm really excited to get to go to all the different cities. Just the whole idea of being in a bus and being able to be with a band all the time; I just think it sounds like a lot of fun. 

So what are your current favorite albums, songs or artists that you are listening to now?

I really love Rihanna. I am in Madonna right now. My mom gets me into a lot of bands, like The Strokes and The Clash.  The Rolling Stones, my mom like absolutely loves. I've been to a bunch of Rolling Stones concerts with my mom. I went to see the Love Show in Vegas, the Beatles one.  I got to go to that with my mom and it was really cool.

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Comment by on 2010-07-11 16:55:44
Olá Miranda. 
Como vai esta linda princesa de um sorriso brilhante. 
Mi eu te admiro muito,por isso desejo a você muitas felicidades. 

Comment by jaquasha on 2011-11-06 07:04:18
hey i am your bigest fan miranmda i like icarly to one time dad say that stop watching icarly no no no no i like icarly thats the time bye bye and my name is jaquasha scott

Comment by on 2010-10-19 18:09:05
how do i get in touch with madison pettis

Comment by superdaultongalaxy on 2011-01-18 16:36:47
I wanted to watch the video but its no longer available DOH!

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