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Jessica Lowndes steals the spotlight and cranks up the volume on 90210!

By: Bessie Sorge

Last year we saw Jessica Lowndes tackle with precision the addictive personality traits that her character Adrianna Tate-Duncan embodies, in the highly anticipated return of one of the hottest shows from the 90's. The CW has discovered a newfound success squeezed with a modern day twist in 90210, which is currently in the middle of its second season.  There are certainly no holds on the dramatic rollercoaster ride that falls famous with the popular zip code.

During its first season, viewers surfed the tidal waves alongside Adrianna as she struggled with the subsistence of a stage mom, the constant rejection of Hollywood, her unhealthy addiction to drugs and to top it off an unplanned pregnancy. One can only guess the next step would be a rehabilitative one and now enter season two.

While things seem to be going smoothly at first, Adrianna soon finds herself joining a special AA Group after suffering from a short term relapse. Adrianna immediately befriends Gia, one of the girls she met in her group who attends the same high school.  When Gia admits that she is developing deeper feelings for her, Adrianna turns to her friends for advice.  It doesn't take her long to realize that Gia shares some of the same qualities she found in her ex-fiance Navid, a caring person who believes in her and pushes her to live out her dreams of becoming a singer.

We recently caught up with Jessica Lowndes to discuss the ups and downs of Adrianna. Keep reading to find out what Jessica had to say about Adrianna's relationship with Gia, her budding music career and what we expect to see in upcoming episodes of 90210. Jessica even took a few minutes to answer some of YOUR questions! Be sure to tune into The CW on Tuesday for an all-new episode of 90210.

Jessica Lowndes steals the spotlight and cranks up the volume on 90210!
Jessica Lowndes with 90210 co-stars Jessica Stroup and AnnaLynne McCord.
(Photo Copyright: The CW)

Adrianna has gone through a lot of difficult situations over the course of her life, do you think that she will find happiness in the near future or is there a lot more drama in store?

I think there is definitly a lot more drama in store. She is somebody who has a very addictive personality. She's addicted to the highs and the lows, and essentially the drama. I think there is always drama. I think she's that kind of person that drama just tends to follow her everywhere. But that's not to say she won't be happy. I feel like in the next few episodes she really does find happiness and music is her outlet, which has been so much fun for me because I am a musician in real life and I get to write music for the show. So it's been definitely a lot of fun. I think music is like the first healthy outlet because she's not turning to drugs or other things like that. So, its very fun.

And there is still drama involved with that because Navid's current girlfriend is the bassist in her new band.

It is definitely dramatic having an ex-boyfriend's girl in the band. Yes, definitely. But, yeah, I think the music actually helps her get over Navid in a lot of ways.

Your music will be featured in some of the upcoming episodes, right?  I just read that your single "Tattoo" is supposed to be on the show soon.

Yes, and another one called "I Haven't Been Drinking." Right now with the Gloria Steinems Band it is going to be more jazzy, or kind of Amy Weinhouse, doo-wappy. But later on it's more pop-rock and that's what I've been doing. During hiatus I'm actually recording an album. It's extremely exciting. I have been singing my whole life, so I just feel really fortunate and blessed to be able do it on the show as well.

What is your take on the current storyline? Are you happy how the writers have crafted this new side of Adrianna?

I think it is all true to her character, I really do. I think she is somebody that leads a very dramatic life and likes people to be there for her and help her. Gia is that for her, you know. She doesn't judge her and helps her through these very complicated situations, just encouraging her. They share a special bond. I think it is very true to her. She is somebody that is very passionate and she is not afraid about what other people think. Like last year, she announced to her whole school that she was pregnant and took full responsibility. She didn't care. She was like, "This is who I am. This is what I've done." I feel the same thing with this, it's like if she feels something she has to fully experience it. Someone could tell her, "Hey don't do that." But she is somebody that needs to experience it herself to fully know for herself how she feels and what is right for her.

Jessica Lowndes steals the spotlight and cranks up the volume on 90210!
Jessica Lowndes with guest-star Rumor Willis in an episode of 90210.
(Photo Copyright: The CW) 

In the next episode, Adriana takes her relationship with Gia public. Do you think that she is moving too soon or do you think it is the right timing?

I think it is the right timing, to be honest. She is somebody that is very passionate and that's how she feels immediately at that moment. And she doesn't want to wait, wait a minute. I'm excited for everyone to see it because it becomes a very special relationship in her life and she learns a lot from it.

What is it like working with Rumor Willis and Mandy Musgrave and some of the other guest stars you have had on the show this season?

It is always fun. We have a terriffic group of guest stars this season. I think it is great because there is just so many other elements and different personalities. I feel like each character represents a different personaity to the kids in high school. And I feel like more kids will be able to relate better to the show because they probably see themselves in many of these different characters.

Do you have a favorite scene coming up from an episode that hasn't aired yet?

I do. I don't know if I am allowed to say. I guess a lot of the music scenes have been so fun to film. There is one scene where Adriana and Navid are just talking about something and I think that is going to be very very cute but I can't tell you what they are talking about yet.

Speaking of Navid, do you think this relationship with Gia is a rebound relationship or something to make Navid jealous, or do you think it could be something real?

I think it is something that is real. She wasn't expecting it. She wasn't like, "Hey, I'm going to find someone new." It is definitely something real because she wouldn't just go there, you know. It's definitely feelings that are within her. But I don't know if anyone could really compete with her and Navid's history that they have. Whether that means she will get back together with him or whatever, its like they have this crazy history that they share; like, they were engaged last year and he stuck by her through everything. He is defintely still a very, very important part of her life.

Jessica Lowndes steals the spotlight and cranks up the volume on 90210!
Jessica Lowndes with guest-star Rumor Willis, who plays Gia on 90210.
(Photo Copyright: The CW) 

You have had a lot of difficult scenes that you have gone through with your character. What kind of research did you do to prepare youself for some of the scenes with the drug addiction and stuff like that?

I did a lot of research. I talked with real addicts that battled certain addictions and watched a lot of drug movies and shows like Intervention or Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. I just tried to make it as truthful as possible. Its funny because if anyone ever came to visit my trailer there would be like a drug movie on pause with a notepad because I would always be like taking notes. And the same thing with the pregnancy storyline, I got to do that again because I don't have any personal experience. I wanted to make it real and have people be able to relate to it and not feel so alone in their situation. That has been the best gift that I think I can give as an actress. I have had people that are truly affected by what my character is going through and they don't feel so alone in what they are going through because of it. I think it is terrific.

You mentioned that you are recording an album during your hiatus, do you have any details on when that will be released, a title or something that we can look out for?

I am not allowed to say too much about it and I am not trying to rush it either. I love it and that is what I am doing in my spare time. Ideally it would be great to have it out by the end of the year, but I don't know. I'm pretty much just going to keep writing music and hopefully we will keep using it on the show and we will go from there.

You just returned from the UK and you have been traveling a lot promoting the show. Are you still in Canada?

I am in Toronto right now. I have been traveling all over the place. I did a press tour in the U.K. I am here doing fashion week, I walked in a charity fashion show yesterday for the Heart Truth foundation. I fly back to L.A. tomorrow and I think I am back in the U.K. at the end of the month. I'm all over the place, which has been fantastic and really fun.

Speaking of fashion, you have been doing a lot of fashoin events recently. What is your take of the fashion on 90210?

Last year I wasn't too sure and I didn't really have a thing for it because it was maternity clothes and all of it was huge so I didn't really want to borrow any of it. But this year my character is very 1940's inspired and I have this newfound love for vintage clothes. Just everything that they put Adrianna in is just so cute and its so nice that it becomes my own personal style. It's a little hollywood but vintage and they definitely incorporate the old hollywood edge in my character. It's also developed a really bad shopping habit though because after every wardrobe fitting I'm like photocopying the tags and going and purchasing the items. I think the wardrobe stylist is terrific and everyone looks great and really like their character, which is great.

Since today is April Fools day, have you pulled any pranks or have you had any pranks pulled on you today?

Not today, luckily. Thank goodness. I'm watching my back so we'll see. (Laughs)

Fan Question 1: If you could guest star on another CW series which one would it be and which character would you play?

That's so hard. I think Vampire Diaries would be really fun. I've always wanted to play a vampire. I don't know what kind of character I would play but I think that that would be very, very fun.

Fan Question 2: What is your current ringtone?

Funny story, my cell was actually stolen in London. So, right now I have no ringtone because I don't have a phone. (Laughs) I did have the "Sexy Bitch" song as my ringtone. The Akon song. (Laughs) It was a joke.

Fan Question 3: Do you have a Twitter account or any way fans can reach you online?

I just signed up literally two days ago. So there will be one really, really soon. I do have a music Myspace that is being updated as well with new music.

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